Skin Bleaching Among Black People

Hollywood Skin BleachingSkin bleaching is becoming extremely popular among African Americans in particular in Hollywood.

Cosmetic procedures are being done for crow’s feet and forehead lines, and for many black celebrities they are most probably being told by their agents that it will help their careers to go a shade lighter.

In most cases it seems to work without any problems, although the effects are quite noticeable, especially when you put the before and after photos next to each other. This photo is a before and after of baseball star Sammy Sosa.

I found out through doing a bit of research on Michael Jackson that there are actually many black people bleaching their skin white, using a range of different chemical creams.

Rihanna Skin BleachingMost notably, Beyonce and Rihanna have made a huge change in their skin tone, while being in the public eye.

If you take a close look at the before and after photos of them from say ten years ago, back in 2003 or so, they look completely dark, or almost completely afro-american, even though they both have somewhat mixed heritage.

When you look at photos of them today, their skin colour suggests that they are almost completely caucasian, which is neither a good thing, or a bad thing really, it just goes to show how popular this trend is, especially among the african american community in the US, and among dark skinned or yellow skinned people around the world.

For example, in China, skin whitening products are being sold like hotcakes, as there has always been a certain status symbol type of thing about having lighter skin, as the upper class women in society did not have to go outside and work in the rice fields, and so having darker skin put you in the class of a working peasant.

This is why it was popular for the higher class women to dye or powder their skin as white as possible to look beautiful.

The same thing was pretty much true in medieval England, in India, and going back all the way to the Ancient Egyptians, who had their own remedies for bleaching the skin white.

Why Do Black People Want To Look White?

Skin Bleaching Beyonce

You could ask the same question about why white people want to get a tan, it’s some notion of beauty that is different in each culture, and it’s never really what you are, but what the ideal is compared to what you are.

There is some evidence to suggest that the mostly white population of America respond better or are more comfortable with a lighter skinned black person, and some suggest that if president Obama was completely black, he wouldn’t have been voted in.

The same is actually most probably true in the cases of Beyonce and Rihanna, if they had remained their natural dark skin tone, they may not have risen as highly on the charts, because even on a sub-conscious level, some of their white fans would not have felt the same about actually buying the album in a record shop.

Is this a reasonable thing in society, that you cannot reach the top unless you are at least partly white? Hollywood is full of people who have nose jobs and face lifts and tummy tucks, so I guess it’s in the same category as all of that, and with modern science, you can decide to be a few shades lighter if that’s what you really want.

In the case of Michael Jackson, he needed to bleach his skin white as a hypopigmentation treatment, because he had patches of skin all over his body with no pigment, but for a lot of black celebrities, it’s simply an issue of a better chance at stardom, or being picked for a role in a movie, or as a weather lady or newsreader.

For other people in other parts of the world, it’s a cultural thing, and some people may just have freckles or scars or other marks on their skin that they want to cover up.

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