What You Need To Know Before You Whiten Your Skin

Before You Whiten Your SkinIt’s a common thing to see people engaging in different activities without a proper knowledge of what they are doing.

This also happens when it comes to skin care, you will not be surprised to find individuals lightening their skin, or trying to lighten their skin with the wrong chemicals, even household bleach!

Skin whitening is a very sensitive process thus you need to put an extra thought into it before you go on with the process. There are several factors that you need to put into consideration to avoid future regrets.

The first thing you should consider is the reason as to why you want to lighten your skin. There are those individuals that bleach their skin to cover or eliminate poor skin conditions such as acne scars, birthmarks, dark patches under the eyes, etc.

If you have skin that is too dark or uneven, then you might want to bleach your skin white since it will hopefully make you feel a lot better about yourself. There is also a public notion in many cultures that light skin makes someone look more attractive and beautiful. In fact, studies have shown that light skinned individuals usually have more social and business advantages over dark skinned people, almost regardless of the situation.

You will bear with me that light skinned individuals have dominated certain industries such as the media.

 Your lifestyle is also a major determinant whether you are to go on with lightening your skin. (To visit the main site and look at the products this page is talking about, click here).

Cultural Factors

One of the factors that determine the way you see yourself is the kind of society you live in. Most of the world is heavily influenced by Western media, which is one reason why people may wish to look lighter, and there is also much older cultural ideas about the upper class having lighter skin because they stayed inside, while the peasants worked outside.

Whether you want to lighten your skin because it’s uneven, or you think it looks too dark, the most important thing is getting the chemicals used as the active ingredients right.

Managing your lighter skin after you have achieved the results is also important, if you want to stay that way. You need to ensure that you have maintained the cream’s application routine because if you stop for more than a few weeks, your skin will start turning back to its original color slowly.

You should also ensure that you have chosen you skin care creams carefully. Choosing the right product is a vital factor in the success of the whole process. There are so many beauty products on the market today, and a wrong choice will just leave you with disappointments and regrets.

Finding A Product With The Right Ingredients

Check the ingredients of the products you intend to buy to ensure that they are effective and safe for human use. You can do research online for more information about the active ingredients and how they work, although if you buy from a trusted, FDA approved American company like Tonique Skin Care, you can trust that they have done the research for you. Some of the ingredients to look for include arbutin, glycolic acid, and kojic acid.

Ensure that you have sourced your products from a legitimate supplier. Today you can find anything on the internet thus the chances of being confused by black market products are very high. Buying from the official site of your supplier is one of the ways of ensuring that you have bought the right product.

In this article, I recommend products from Tonique Skin Care since I have enough proof that they are reliable, safe and effective. You can easily buy Tonique’s products from their official site toniqueskincare.com or from their new site which also sells their anti-aging range of products, Skin Renew.

For more clarification on Tonique Skin Care products, you can chat with a representative via a chat box on their site, or you can send them a message via: sales@toniqueskincare.com.

There are so many individuals who have lightened their skin with great results. You can also lighten your skin and realize the results that you want, but you need to do it right to ensure that the process is successful.

Skin Bleaching By Famous African Americans

Beyonce Skin BleachingHow much of a thing is it, for particularly African Americans in the show business industry to undergo skin bleaching treatments to whiten their skin?

It’s quite a big thing, according to the cosmetic surgeons and spas which offer that as a service. “You wouldn’t believe how many famous people we get in here, who go out a different color.” said one leading cosmetologist.

Of course, that’s strictly off the record, as so far, not very many of these Hollywood stars have admitted publicly to having their skin bleached.

Sometimes the change is barely noticeable, and could be blamed on a trick of the light, or Photoshop, as was Beyonce’s explanation of her Loreal advertisement.

However, it’s not just one photo in which she looks visibly lighter than she used to, and she’s not the only one.

Michael Jackson was one major celebrity who went completely white, in order to try to cover up his vitiligo, or hypo-pigmentation, a rare condition where patches of the skin lose all pigment.

Nicki Minaj Before And AfterAnyway, you can check out the photos, and read about some of the celebrities who “allegedly” have lightened their skin, and about how they probably did it, the chemicals involved, etc.

This early photo of Nicki Minaj looks quite different to what she looks like today. She barely even has African American features anymore. And the photo below of Rihanna makes her seem like almost a different person completely, and you can’t just blame it on makeup, hair, or lighting.

Rihanna Skin WhiteningAnyway, there are various reasons why people bleach their skin including freckles, birthmarks, age spots, acne scars, burns, skin conditions like vitiligo, or cosmetic or cultural reasons.

In Asia for example, it is a status symbol to have light skin, and is seen as being more beautiful and more desirable, because the higher class women did not work in the field all day, and so did not have a dark brown tan.

Some say that the cultural reasons behind African Americans bleaching their skin white in Hollywood show racism in the wider community.

You see, it’s because studies done by record companies and TV producers have shown that the audience is less likely to watch a show or buy an album if the star is really dark in skin color, due to the fact the western audience is mostly white.

It just makes a western audience uncomfortable to walk out of a record shop holding a CD or DVD with a really dark skinned person on the front.

It can’t be proven, but based on those studies, it’s almost certain that if Obama had been naturally darker, he wouldn’t have become president.

It’s almost certain that if Beyonce or Rihanna didn’t bleach their skin, they wouldn’t have sold as many albums and reached the top of the charts.

That’s just how the sub-conscious mind of society works, and if that is the case, then at least there is an option for those who want to explore it to lighten their skin color, and give themselves a better chance in show business and perhaps in life generally.

I’m not trying to be racist, but according to the studies, the vast majority of people can’t help being somewhat racist, if that means judging people based on their appearance to be different.

How To Go About Bleaching Your Skin Safely At Home

It’s important that if you are thinking about doing something like this, you do your homework carefully, and only use safe skin bleaching treatments.

There are products out there which contain mercury and hydroquinone, which are chemicals which have been proven to have harmful side effects when used over a long period of time.

It’s important to avoid brands which contain those chemicals, and also any brand which tells you to take a pill orally to whiten your skin, as this cannot be done, or is very dangerous, and not a good way to lighten your skin.

The best type of skin bleaching cream is one that contains a good formulation with a mix of FDA approved active ingredients such as arbutin, glycolic acid, kojic acid, lactic acid, sepiwhite FSH, and ascorbic acid or vitamin C.

You should also be careful to choose a company that has an active and educated support team who are experts at skin bleaching, and who can recommend the right product and product instructions tailored for the individual.

The link in the sidebar will take you to the website of Tonique Skin Care, an American company who have been in business for over a decade, with thousands of satisfied customers.

Lil' Kim Before And AfterThis is apparently two photos of Lil’ Kim. Hard to believe it’s the same woman at all!

It’s not really a new thing, skin whitening and bleaching has been around for many years, going back to medieval times, and even back to the Ancient Egyptians.

Still, there has been an increase in the amount of African American movie stars and pop stars who are bleaching their skin in recent times.

Some of the most prominent Hollywood celebrities who have bee observed to be lightening their skin tone are Beyonce, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, and perhaps Halle Berry, (none of these are confirmed by the stars themselves).

It is very obvious in photos that something is going on, and there are many different treatments that these celebrities may be having done, ranging from skin peels to vitamin C scrubs to a full skin whitening regime from head to toe.

MIchael Jackson was one of the most famous Hollywood celebrities to bleach his skin, and the reason he did it was to cover up a condition called vitiligo, also known as hypo-pigmentation.

It’s not really vanity to bleach your skin white when there are large patches of skin all over your body that are already white, or that have lost all pigmentation.

The Skin Bleaching Process

Skin Bleaching ProcessWhat exactly are these celebrities using to whiten their skin? Well, it’s hard to say for individuals, because as I mentioned previously, they don’t like to talk about it publicly, but it’s easy to guess.

The best and most widely used chemicals which are available without prescription, and found in most skin whitening creams are:

  • alpha arbutin
  • glycolic acid (chemical peel agent)
  • kojic acid
  • sepiwhite FSH

The combination of these chemicals is important, but will be different which each particular brand. It’s important to buy a product like this from a trusted source, as there are some bleaching products made in Asia and Africa which contain active ingredients which are unsafe for long term use.

As the only way to maintain the results is to use every now and then on a permanent basis, this means they are very unsafe.

The chemicals I’m talking about are mercury, and hydroquinone, which have both been found to cause serious side effects when used for an extended period.

The side effects of mercury are well known, it causes brain damage, and madness. The Mad Hatter from Alice In Wonderland is making fun of the real condition that hatters used to get, as they used mercury to make the fabric in hats stiff.

With hydroquinone, this has been used in quite a lot of skin whitening products, it’s banned in some countries now, although other countries are putting out creams only available on prescription containing the chemical, even in the US!

Some misadvised doctors are actually recommending a prescription cream containing hydoquinone which causes thickening and bruising of the skin, nausea, and has even been shown to produce an increase risk of cancer in mice.

Anyway, if you stick to the safe, proven chemicals listed above, and find a brand that is subject to strict regulations, (such as the FDA regulations on any product made in the USA), then you will get the results you’re looking for, and be safe in maintaining them for perhaps the rest of your life.

Again, try the link in the sidebar, or send an email to sales@toniqueskincare.com to get the right advice if you’re thinking about bleaching your own skin.

What You Need To Know About Skin Bleaching

what you need to knowSkin bleaching is not at all a new thing, it has been around since the Egyptians, and even ancient African tribes like to paint their faces white, or even dye their skin white permanently.

There is not really any substance that can permanently cause your skin to turn completely white, the only white mark that sticks permanently is a scar, and you don’t want that.

Another thing you don’t want is anything that will cause harmful side effects, and there are some dangerous chemicals out there for sale in products from countries without proper regulations.

For example, mercury has been found in some skin whitening creams, but if you aren’t buying a product cheap from Asia or Africa, then you can usually be sure it doesn’t contain that.

How To Research A Skin Care Company

The Best Way To Bleach SkinYou need to check out a site and their product carefully, by looking on Google for the age of the domain and the owner, like a who is registrar lookup.

By determining that a company has been around for years, you should then google the brand name plus any keywords that might uncover negative reviews, such as scam, side effects, problems, and things like that.

They may have more than one main site, as Google changed their search algorithms a few years ago, and many sites suffered in their rankings, and had to start from scratch, like the new site for Tonique Skin Care is skinrenews.com and no longer toniqueskincare.com, although that site is still there and functioning.

If you can work out that the company has been around for a while, and there aren’t tons of negative reviews, then you want to check the active ingredients they use, and see what the people of the world have to say about that.

Try looking it up on Wikipedia, they have a very informative page called Skin Whitening that is updated by the community, which has all the basic medical information about the chemicals used to bleach skin, and the side effects and effectiveness of each substance.

What you will work out is that the best ones are arbutin and glycolic acid. They are FDA approved, over the counter chemicals which have been used for years with very few side effects, and which get the results people are looking for, which is after a certain amount of use, bone white, blemish-free and spot-free skin.

For some people, going from having dark or brown skin to having white skin may be a rather large transformation, but if the effects are not what you are looking for, you can simply let it wear off, as the skin does replace itself every few months, and so the effects gradually wear off.

Safe skin whitening is of paramount importance, and it’s also very important to get the right advice on applying the cream. It’s a fairly serious cosmetic procedure, and so should not be taken lightly at all, to make a pun.

It is best to get a second opinion from a doctor if you have any concerns, but also be aware that a doctor may prescribe you a cream containing hydroquinone, which is another potentially dangerous substance that should not be used long term by anyone.


Best skin bleaching creamThese Hollywood stars are bleaching their skin because it apparently makes them more popular to the mostly white audience.

Some would say that there is racism at the root of this, whether conscious, or unconscious, spoken, or unspoken, but that’s just the way it is in the world.

People tend to have a natural reaction to be slightly uncomfortable around people who look different from them, whether this is justified or not.

You cannot change the natural reactions of people, which come from an evolutionary level, an instinctual response, and if it is the case that you may have a better chance in the show business industry or in life generally to have lighter skin, then that’s just the way it is.

It’s hard to say what goes through someone’s mind in a record store, or in a job interview when looking at a darker skinned person, but if there is an uncontrollable response that many people have, then they have it, and that doesn’t make everyone a racist, it just makes them human.

Therefore, if you want to whiten your skin, you can do it, by using a product like the ones in the Tonique Skin Care range, which as I mentioned earlier, has a new main site, skinrenews.com.

This is a large, US based company that has been in business for over a decade, using FDA approved chemicals, and it really works to whiten your skin, safely, and effectively, like these famous Hollywood stars.

Again, it’s not racism to say that there is a natural response for people to have a natural aversion or level of discomfort when looking at a person who looks different from them, and in the west, the vast majority of people are white.

In other countries in the world, there are also certain cultural prejudices against people with darker skin, or people are seen as being more beautiful, or having higher status if they have lighter skin.

This is true even in Africa, where skin whitening is a huge business, it’s true in the middle east, in Asia, pretty much all over the world.

The vast majority of the world’s people have a medium toned skin, and are neither completely black, or completely white, and that’s the tone that people aim to look like.

It’s a strange thing, really white people want to look more tanned, and really black people want to look whiter, it’s just the way things are.

If you want to find out more about it, click on the links in this post, or there is a link to the main site in the sidebar. You might want to contact the support team first at sales@skinrenews.com to talk about what product you should buy, and how to apply it, in order to get the results you’re looking for.

Reasons For Bleaching Your Skin

Before And AfterAlthough skin whitening has continued to gain popularity over the last few decades, there are individuals who still do not understand why people do it.

The following are some of the reasons that might make people want to whiten their skin.

Treating skin problems

It doesn’t mean that you must have a skin problem to use skin lightening treatment, however, skin lightening treatment helps in solving the cosmetic issues caused by some major skin problems.

Some of the problems that can be covered up with using a skin whitening treatment include uneven skin tone caused by hyper-pigmentation, hypo-pigmentation, freckles, birthmarks and acne scars among other common skin problems.

In the case of a severe skin condition that causes blemishes, skin whitening creams can help to reduce the visibility of these conditions or even eliminate the problem entirely, by bleaching the whole skin area completely white.

Psychological benefits

There are individuals who are adversely affected by skin problems such as acne scars and hyper-pigmentation. These skin problems can make you develop low self-esteem, lack self-confidence and can even make you feel very unattractive, especially to the opposite sex.

These feelings can be a valid reason for you to use a skin lightening cream that will help you get a lighter skin. Even if you don’t have a medical condition, social status or cultural standards of beauty might give you the same issues if you do nothing to feel better about yourself.

Peace of mind

Although you may not mind what people think about your appearance a compliment is usually more satisfying than an insult. In the current world, good looking people have numerous advantages over ordinary people, and studies have shown that for public figures like actors and musicians, people are more likely to relate to them and watch or buy their records if they have lighter skin.

There is a public notion, whether real or imagined, that light skinned people are more trustworthy, smart and organized thus more respected than people with dark skins, or there is a natural fear of people who are different in a mostly white society.

Whitening your skin can give you peace of mind and even help to advance your career, as studies do show that the figures back that up.

Anti aging tool

Most people want to look young as well, and the same benefits apply to young, beautiful people, they get breaks that older people just don’t. Everybody wants to look young and attractive, and the same process used to whiten your skin also helps you look younger, as it takes off the outer layers of dead skin, revealing the new skin cells underneath.

The skin whitening creams sold by Tonique Skin Care make you look younger, more beautiful, with even skin tone, and fewer wrinkles.

If your motive is to restore your youthful appearance, always make sure that the skin treatment creams that you buy contain anti-aging ingredients such as Vitamin C, bearberry extract, and alpha hydroxyl acids. A chemical peel using glycolic acid can also be effective.

For more information, you can contact Tonique via sales@toniqueskincare.com and ask about the right treatment for your individual skin.

 The company is based in Maryland, USA, and all products are FDA approved, and proven to be both safe and effective.

Benefits Of Whitening Your Skin At Home

Skin Whitening ProductsThe skin covers a large area of our body, in fact it makes up the entire outer layer that the world sees, making it play a vital role in defining who we are.

People invest a good amount of money in ensuring that their skin looks and feels the way they want, because to a visual extent, it is who they are.

People use skin lightening creams for many and varied reasons. Some people use skin whitening creams to create an even skin tone and to manage acne scars, freckles, birthmarks, or spots that come with aging. Some people have medical conditions like hypo-pigmentation or hyper-pigmentation, which cause large patches of skin with no pigment, or excessive pigment.

Skin lightening creams are also used by people who are uncomfortable with how dark their skin color is, and opt to lighten it using creams.

 Why are the skin whitening creams the way to go?

When you opt to use a skin whitening cream, at the end of the day, all you expect is to see results, a change to your desired skin tone, without any side effects, and for a reasonable cost.

The beauty with skin whitening creams is that, with a little patience, and using the right brand, you can see yourself changing day by day into the person you imagined you wanted to be . You are better off waiting for a little while to see the results, and being able to maintain those results for years without experiencing any side effects, than going for a quick fix alternative that could destroy your skin.

Looking For A Brand With The Right Ingredients

Tonique SiteSkin whitening creams have various ingredients, and some are user-friendly to the skin and others pose harmful effects to the skin. Whatever cream you opt for, you should be keen to look at the ingredients and ensure they do not contain mercury or hydroquinone which poses harmful effects to the users.

Some of the ingredients used in high quality skin whitening creams are arbutin, glycolic acid, sepiwhite FSH, kojic acid, and Vitamin C.

 Like many cosmetic procedures, skin whitening creams also stand a chance of going wrong depending on the ingredients used.

A bad skin whitening cream can lead to thinning or thickening of the skin, a severe irritation, permanent bleaching or scarring, and an imbalanced skin tone. The products made by Tonique Skin Care pose none of these risks, as they use tried and tested formulas which have produced the right results for thousands of satisfied customers over the past decade and longer.

With Tonique Skin Care products, you will never have to worry about suffering the consequences of a cream gone wrong. Their products are made of ingredients that are safe for the skin and do not cause side effects.

 Skin whitening creams are easily available since they can be obtained over the counter, or purchased online, as well as with a prescription from a doctor.

However, ease of accessibility can also come with a price. Many of the products you can buy online are not checked and approved by the Food and Drug Administration, (FDA) which places people buying online at the risk of being exposed to dangerous ingredients, if the product you are buying is not manufactured in the USA.

The reason Tonique’s products can be trusted is they are made in the USA, the company is based in Maryland, USA, which means that all their products have to adhere to the strict standards of the FDA.

Whether you are doing it to boost your self-esteem and confidence, or to cover up blemishes caused by medical conditions, it should be an informed decision, to avoid feeling bitter and perhaps suffering real pain should the results not meet your expectations.

An informed decision starts by getting the right products, and this is where the Tonique customer care and sales team comes in handy. The customer care team is readily available to answer all your questions and any clarifications concerning their products.

Send an email to sales@toniqueskincare.com along with a photo of yourself if possible, and an explanation of what results you hope to achieve. Tonique products are FDA approved, and they have gotten many positive reviews from customers over time, which you can check out through a simple Google search.

Best Brand Of Skin Bleaching Cream

Brand of skin bleaching creamWhich skin bleaching product is the best? Which brand should you look for? Well, the first thing you need to get right is the active ingredients that the product uses.

The best chemicals to look for in a skin whitening cream are:

  • alpha arbutin
  • glycolic acid
  • kojic acid
  • Sepiwhite FSH
  • ascorbic acid or vitamin C

These chemicals are natural, non-prescription, over the counter ingredients that have been shown to work safely and effectively, even when used consistently over many years, even decades.

You want to look for a skin bleaching brand that has been selling their products for many years with no bad reviews from customers, or bad side effects reported.

The company should be subject to FDA regulations, which means it’s best if the product is made in the USA, or if it’s made in the UK (for example), it would have to pass the regulations of the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency or the MHRA.

Some products such as those containing hydroquinone are banned in the UK, while still legally available on prescription in the US, and in other countries, they are sold over the counter.

Hydroquinone has been shown to have nasty side effects when used over a long period of time, such as thickening and bruising of the skin, and so should be avoided. Some cheap Asian and African skin bleaching companies have even been found to have put mercury in their products!

So, it is important to choose wisely when looking for a cream you can trust your skin with, perhaps for the rest of your life, if you want to maintain the effects that long.

Which Brand Is The Best?

ToniqueThis blog is obviously a little biased, as it is promoting one particular brand, Tonique Skin Care, but it has all of the things I just mentioned, and is the best choice, for all those reasons.

The company is based in Maryland USA, they have been around for well over a decade, selling online to thousands of customers around the world.

The products are formulated with safe, well tested chemicals which have been proven to be effective, and to have no side effects, and they only sell skin lightening products, and know the subject better than anyone else in the world.

They have a knowledgeable support team who can answer any questions you have about which products to buy, and how to apply them to get the best results.

Simply send an email to sales@toniqueskincare.com with a photo of yourself and an explanation of what results you would like to achieve, (as well as how much you are willing to spend), and they will recommend a skin bleaching treatment program for you to do at home, on an ongoing basis.

Is It Permanent?

The results can be maintained indefinitely, by continuing to apply the cream to the whole body once a week, or once a month, for the rest of your life, if you want it to last that long.

If you stop using the products, the body will naturally replace the older skin cells with new younger skin cells, which continue to grow throughout your life, and your skin will go back to the way it is naturally.

The cost works out to be less than a cup of coffee, (depending on where you are in the world), and also depending on how much lighter you want your skin to be, and whether you are bleaching one area, (such as the face), or your entire body from head to toe.

If you are covering up a condition such as vitiligo or hypo-pigmentation, you may need to bleach the entire body white in order to get an even skin tone all over, particularly if your natural skin color is dark.

Anyway, all of these questions can be answered by the support team on the main site, which you can get to by clicking on the Tonique logo in the sidebar. Check it out.

How To Get Beautiful White Skin

Beautiful White SkinThere are several methods in which a person can whiten their skin, however, only a few of them are safe and effective.

Choice of chemicals to use for bleaching is very important since the chemicals used can have negative effects if carelessly used without following safety precautions, or if the right chemicals aren’t used to make the product.

The bleaching products offered through the Tonique Skin Care site are made from safe and high quality ingredients which have been blended together to give the most positive results on the user’s skin.

The products made by Tonique use safe active ingredients such as glycolic acid and arbutin to gradually lighten the skin, and to maintain that effect over a long period of time, perhaps a lifetime.

These two compounds are sold safely over the counter, and can be used without following any specific procedure since they work gradually and have no side effects.

Reasons For Lightening Your Skin

People bleach their skins for different reasons, to lighten their skin, to remove or cover up dark patches, freckles, scars and burns.

Whatever might compel you to change your screen color, the Tonique Skin Care products are designed to serve your needs, irrespective of whether you want to remove a single spot or bleach the whole body.

If you have a dark skin tone, it is advisable to bleach the whole body to make sure the skin is whitened evenly without leaving dark spots and patches on the skin.

Since the effects are gradual, the chemical should be applied continuously until the dark pigments have been completely removed.

Applying the chemical over the whole body is essential especially if one is dark or brown, to avoid a patchy body which constantly reminds you of the person inside the light colored individual.

If you are white, you can avoid all the hassles and apply the bleaching cream only on the affected areas without applying the whole body.

How to Buy a Skin Whitening Package

Before buying a bleaching product, it is advisable to discuss with a dermatologist your skin type and what types of chemical can be applied on without negative effects. After reaching to an agreement, visit our online store and check the products available.

We have numerous bleaching products available and each product functions differently from the other to produce different results depending on different customers’ needs.

To have the best results, customers are advised to buy the whole package which contains gel, peeling and lightening lotion, facial toner and exfoliating bar all at an affordable rate.

These products are effective when used alone; however, when used together their effects are faster. The company is currently dealing in two packages.

The first is, Color Me Beautiful Face and Body Whitening package retailing at $349.99, the other one which is cheaper is referred as Absolutely Flawless Face and Body whitening Package retails at $229.99.

The duration at which a package lasts depends on how often the customer uses the product. If used more often, it cannot last long, although the results on the other hand are faster and the customer achieves a semi-permanent light skin faster.

Skin cells regenerate, dead cells wear off and are replaced by younger skin cells which have the original skin color. It is therefore to reapply the chemical after every three to four weeks to maintain the acquired light skin.

If you need any of our products, check online through our website for more details. If you need help on how to apply the chemicals and leave a clean spotless bleaching effect, send us an email to our support team at info@toniqueskincare.com. If convenient, you can initiate a chat box and chat with our live agents who if online they respond to your query immediately.

Skin Whitening Cream With No Side Effects

Whitening Cream With No Side EffectsSkin whitening is something people do for many different reasons, and what most people want is a treatment that gives them real results with no side effects.

The products made by Tonique Skin Care provide visible results in a short amount of time, but also work to gradually lighten your skin to different degrees.

Safety is the primary aspect to be considered in making a decision on which skin whitening cream to use, as there are some products on the market that can cause side effects when used over a long period of time.

Your skin is obviously very important and it’s safety must be your primary consideration, rather than cost. The Tonique company is based in the USA, has been in business for over a decade, and is subject to American FDA regulations.

How To Ensure Skin Safety?

Skin safety can be ensured by considering the following aspects in a cream:

FDA approval
Usage of natural ingredients in the cream
Reliable company
Customer testimonials and reviews
Company experience
Guarantee for no side effects
Customized skin care

Skin Whitening creams are used for covering up spots like freckles and birthmarks and solving pigmentation problems, or for the cosmetic bleaching of the entire body.

Hydroquinone and mercury are some of the dangerous chemicals you should be careful to avoid, which are still found in some products being made in unregulated countries, causing harm to the skin.

Creams with hydroquinone are restricted from being sold in many countries, although some prescription creams, given to patients by doctors still have this chemical in them, even though long term tests show side effects like thickening of the skin and bruising.

The safest natural ingredients are glycolic acid, arbutin, kojic acid, sepiwhite FSH, and even lemon juice can give you a very mild brightening effect, although it won’t bleach your skin white.

Arbutin and glycolic acid are used in correct proportions in the products made by Tonique Skin Care to give a uniform color to the skin, if you apply regularly over many months, your skin will gradually start to turn completely white, if you stop, it will turn back slowly. These are the safest chemicals that have no side effects on the skin, as is shown by the testimony of long term customers.

Which Is The Safest Skin Whitening Cream?

The creams and lotions made by Tonique are safe on the skin, which is primarily important, and also produce the skin bleaching results the customer is looking for.

Visit the company website toniqueskincare.com and click on the photos of the creams to buy, and to get full details on the ingredients and their safety on the skin. Again, all the products are made by the company in the USA, and are approved by FDA.

The skin whitening creams can be ordered only online in their website. They deliver the creams to the customer, anywhere in the world, within a few weeks. To get proper advice on how to apply the products for your individual skin, they advise the customers to send photos of themselves and their skin to sales@toniqueskincare so the right method of treatment can be recommended.

Safe Skin whitening tips are regularly updated on the Facebook page of the company. Like their Facebook page Skin Whitening Tips for periodical discounts, for tips, and information to relieve all doubts about skin bleaching treatments.

The Best Chemical Treatment To Whiten Your Skin

Chemical TreatmentThe safest skin whitening treatments are home remedies and chemical treatments. Home remedies take a long time to show their effect.

Mostly fruits and vegetables are used in home remedies. The effect of the home remedies do not last long enough and are not effective as chemical treatments.

Chemical Whitening Treatments For Your Skin

The chemical skin whitening treatment of Tonique skin care is safe and effective, and they have been in business for over ten years online.

These products are used for many years and there are millions of satisfied customers world wide using the product.

The products of the company contain the safest ingredients of glycolic acid, arbutin, sepiwhite FSH etc. Hence these chemical products are safe on your skin.

The results of using these safe chemical products can be seen quickly.

The company is reliable with its base in Maryland, USA. The products of the company are approved by FDA. Hence you do not need a prescription to buy these products.

You can buy these chemical products online from any part of the world. Shipping will be done to your door step.

Every individual skin is different and chemical treatment varies accordingly. You have certain skin conditions like freckles, scars, acne, hyper pigmentation, hypo pigmentation, birth marks etc. Hence contact the support team of the company at sales@toniqueskincare.com to get the customized treatment for you according to your skin condition.

Visit toniqueskincare.com to know more details on the products, charts, photos and testimonials etc. Check the posts on their facebook page to get tips and useful information on whitening your skin. It is always best to send your skin photos to the support team of the company to get the appropriate usage directions.

The website of the company enables you to chat online and clarify your doubts and queries. Most of the Hollywood celebrities use these chemical skin whitening treatments to bleach their skin white. This makes them look attractive and feel confident about themselves on the stage.


This post has informed you about the safest skin whitening treatment available. Home remedies take long to show their effect on skin and the results are also mild. Hence chemical treatments are recommended to get quicker results in a safe manner.

The Tonique skin care products are reliable. These chemical products are FDA approved with safe natural ingredients and has been in the field for many years. These products have a proven record to work in a safe way without any side effects. Like the company’s facebook page to get skin whitening tips and other useful information. These are the best chemical products available online.

How to Treat Uneven Skin Tone

Uneven skin toneHypo-pigmentation and hyper-pigmentation are the two common conditions causing uneven skin tone. Hypo-pigmentation causes white spots on the skin due to lack of pigments.

Hyper-pigmentation causes dark spots on the skin due to the presence of excess of pigments. This condition creates large patches of skin to appear black.

The most popular pop dancer Michael Jackson suffered from hypo-pigmentation condition known as vitiligo. The Pop king managed to treat this uneven skin tone condition using hydroquinone content cream. This treatment made his entire body to become white.

However hydroquinone based treatment is strictly banned in several nations due to the large side effects of this hydroquinone. Hence consult your doctor before using hydroquinone on your skin to treat hypo-pigmentation.

Hydroquinone is proved to cause bruises and rashes on the skin making it thick. This condition is commonly referred as ochronosis. When hydroquinone enters the blood, it can become toxic leading to hallucinations and nausea.

The hydroquinone based treatment is not advisable as it offers temporary relief from uneven skin tone. The cream has to be applied again and again in a repeated manner to keep the skin tone fair.

The hydroquinone based cream loses its effect once the new skin cells start developing. Also hydroquinone has serious side effects on the skin. Hence this sort of treatment is not recommended by most.

Similar to hydroquinone based creams, mercury content and pills to bleach the skin are available online that can be very dangerous to your skin.

Natural treatment for Uneven Skin Tone

Natural chemicals offer wonderful results in treating uneven skin tone and is one of the effective ways of whitening the skin in an effective manner.

A hydroquinone based natural chemical is Arbutin. Arbutin is less powerful than hydroquinone. Arbutin is very safe and the effective method of natural treatment of uneven skin tone.

Hence Arbutin is sold on the internet and over the counter. You can buy Arbutin without any prescription as it is completely safe.

Another natural bleaching source that has no side effects is glycolic acid. Glycolic acid is completely safe.

Vitamin C is the natural cure for uneven skin tone. Hence you can try ginger and lemon juice on your skin. These are rich sources of vitamin C and have good effect. Often lemon juice is the most common treatment offered in many households.

This article gives a hope for people suffering with uneven skin tone. The natural methods of treatment are elaborated. The dangers and perils of using harmful products on your skin is also discussed.

Hence take extreme care in choosing the skin treatment as it may cause damage to the skin and make things from bad to worse.

If you want credible information on whitening the skin, read articles from wikipedia. It is better to seek the advice of the doctor for selecting the appropriate treatment. Expert advice is always preferred before choosing the skin treatment.

To get more information on skin whitening, check out the main website Tonique Skin Care, the link is in the sidebar. Have a look at their various products and treatments for uneven skin tone.