Natural Tips For Skin Whitening

skin whiteningThis post talks about natural ways to lighten your skin. If you want to get results faster, check out the link in the sidebar, and the other pages on this site, but these are things you can do to get results from homemade recipes.

Skin whitening is a beauty treatment which comprises of using various products to lighten the skin tone and also helps to even out the complexion.

Here are some effective ways to regain normal complexion in the most natural way without spending a fortune and most of all without using dangerous or harmful chemicals.

Lemon – Skin Whitening with lemon juice 

Lemon is the simplest and easiest product that you can use to get minor skin whitening results. It is an effective bleaching agent, due to the active ingredient, vitamin C.

From the outer skin layers, it removes dirt and excess natural oils. Voila! The result is a fairer skin tone.

The only disadvantage would be a tingling sensation and dry skin if used alone. Ideal for oily skin, but can excessively dry out dry or normal skin.

Simply mix few drops of lemon juice with equal quantity of plain white yogurt. Take a cotton ball and dab on the face.

Did you know that lemon also has an astringent effect? This means that it can effectively remove acne in acne prone individuals.

Turmeric Powder – Tips to use turmeric for whitening the skin naturally 

Turmeric powder is an effective and age old beauty product for skin whitening. It can effectively remove dark patches and marks.

Mix some turmeric powder with milk to make a fine paste. Gently apply to the face or parts of the body that require whitening. Let it dry and after 10 min, scrub gently and rinse off.

Tomato – Skin whitening with Tomato 

Tomato is another skin whitening ingredient used in many beauty packs. It also contains vitamin C, which is highly effective for skin whitening.

Make a fine paste of tomato and mix in a few drops of rose water. Using a brush apply the mixture to your face. Wait for 10 min and wash away with cold water. When tomato is used often, it indeed gives you the desired results, although like all of these recipes, is quite mild.

Oranges – An effective orange peel remedy for skin whitening

Orange peel is another ready to find ingredient for skin whitening. Grind the orange rind and mix with equal quantity of yogurt. Apply on to face and let dry for 10 min. Scrub and wash gently with cold water. Regular use of this pack can helps in skin whitening.

Honey – Honey the beauty wonder 

Honey and almond can moisturize the skin. When honey and almonds are applied together, they really help a great deal to rejuvenate the skin.   This facial pack can exfoliate and remove dead skin cells.

Simply blend soaked almonds to a fine paste and mix few drops of honey.   The property in almonds which appears to whiten the skin has been well known for generations.

Almond oil increases blood circulation when applied to skin by gentle massage. Regular use of almond oil removes marks and uneven pigmentation.

Now that you are aware of the top five simple and easy skin whitening tips, wait no more fretting over uneven skin tone.

Natural skin whitening products can really provide a quick and easy fix to your skin problems and you can easily reap benefits with regular use of natural ingredients from the kitchen and avoid the use of harmful chemicals on your skin.

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