Safe And Effective Skin Bleaching Products Made In The USA

Before and AfterTonique Skin Care is an American company that sells safe and effective skin bleaching products made in the USA from the best ingredients, that are available at relatively affordable rates.

The company has been in the skin care industry for over a decade, and has thousands of satisfied customers all over the world. They have a reputation for selling skin whitening products that are high in quality and yield amazing results every time.

Visit their original site: to view the full range of products or take a look at if you want to check out their anti-aging products as well, (see below for a photo of one of the products from the Skin Renews anti aging collection).

The prices add up to a few dollars a day, even when using multiple products together, and the results are a completely new you.

Their package deals are by far the best value products on the site, containing a wide variety of lotions and creams in a single great value deal that saves you money on individual purchases.

By purchasing the package deals you will be saving a lot, but first, it is a good idea to contact the support staff on how to best use the bleaching creams so as to acquire the perfect results that you are hoping to get for your unique skin type.

How To Acquire The Best Bleaching Results For Your Skin

Skin Whitening CreamEveryone has got a completely unique skin type whether dark or light, oily or dry, old or young. People also have completely different reasons for wanting to whiten their skin.

There are certain people who bleach due to medical reasons, for instance, those who do it to cover up bad freckle patches, birthmarks, scars or even conditions such as hyper-pigmentation or hypo-pigmentation.

There are also others who want lighter skin for cultural or cosmetic purposes. How to apply the products on a person with a very dark skin differs from how it is done on a person with very light skin, and all the chemicals involved have different effects when used on different types of skin.

Different application methods need to be used, to acquire mild results or to bleach the skin snow white, which is why it’s a good idea to contact the support team at or

Ingredients Used In The Tonique Product Range

Tightening Under Eye ComplexThe main active ingredients contained in these products are glycolic acid, alpha arbutin and sepiwhite FSH. Both Sepiwhite FSH and Arbutin are safe bleaching chemicals produced for long term use.

They do not result in any harmful side effects, unlike some of the less reputable products on the market which may contain mercury or hydroquinone, or nothing effective at all.

Glycolic acid, on the other hand, is a chemical peeling ingredient. It helps to eliminate the upper skin layer gently, giving the effect observed when the skin peels due to sunburn.

When the top skin layer of old dead cells is exfoliated off, the new skin cells that lie underneath and which are younger, lighter and healthier are exposed. This in turn means that when that particular layer is bleached, the results will not only be more effective but also long lasting.

When you compare the active ingredients to those that are contained in other ingredients, you are bound to realize that most of the other brands are dangerous, ineffective, or not as good value for money as the products sold by Tonique Skin Care. This is, especially if they are from nations that lack government regulatory organizations such as the FDA.
Because Tonique Skin Care sells products that are made in the United States, the products have to be entirely safe for the FDA to approve them. It is important to note that by purchasing cheap products produced in another country like Africa or Asia, you are putting your life or at least your skin at risk.

It has been discovered that some of these brands are made up of hydroquinone, mercury and on certain occasions, the bleach that is used for dying fabric, which obviously has got severe effects on the skin, particularly when used over a long period.

You should therefore visit, chat with the helpful and dedicated support team to acquire appropriate advice. This way, you can be rest assured that you will get the exact results you desire.
To facilitate easy decision making for the best advice, you should consider sending your recent photo to the experts at the email addresses mentioned above. The photo will allow them to evaluate your skin much better and provide you with the most appropriate advice and recommendation of which of their high quality products to use and how to use them to get the best possible skin ever.

With these products, you can go from black to white, and take decades off the age you appear to be. You can look like you did as a teenager, and without the spots and blemishes, or looking a shade lighter than you did.