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The Best Way To Even Out Skin Tone

You are obviously reading this because you have uneven skin tone of one sort or another, hypo-pigmentation, hyper-pigmentation, freckles, age spots, or some other type of blemish or uneven skin.

The experts in this area are American company Tonique Skin Care who have been making and selling skin lightening products to customers around the world for over a decade.

They have multiple products in the Tonique Range, and also a range of anti aging products, the Skin Renew collection, which also have lightening options.

There are many different creams in the range, varying in strength, and in the results they achieve. For example, there is a chemical peel which helps to fully exfoliate the outer layer of dead skin cells, to enhance the effects of further treatments because they last longer, as well as bringing those fresh young skin cells to the surface, making you look younger as well.

Active Ingredients

The main active lightening ingredients are alpha arbutin, and glycolic acid in the chemical peel, they also contain various botanical extracts, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, moisturizers, and more to reduce any inflammation caused by the whitening chemicals.

The best way to proceed is by getting in contact with the experts at the site by sending an email to sales@toniqueskincare.com along with an explanation of what you aim to achieve and perhaps a recent photo of yourself without makeup.

They can then recommend the right products and treatment plan for your individual skin, which may differ with skin tone, the area of the body or face, age, whether you are using other creams or medications etc.

It’s important to use the right product to get the results you’re aiming to achieve and while the results aren’t permanent, they can be maintained for many years for a very low cost, meaning you can even out your skin tone on a long term basis easily and safely without too much trouble.

Again, you can browse the products on the site and buy via credit card based on the descriptions, but for the best possible results, start a conversation with the expert support team through the chat box, the contact page, or the email address, sales@toniqueskincare.com or sales@skinrenews.com.

How to Treat Uneven Skin Tone

Uneven skin toneHypo-pigmentation and hyper-pigmentation are the two common conditions causing uneven skin tone. Hypo-pigmentation causes white spots on the skin due to lack of pigments.

Hyper-pigmentation causes dark spots on the skin due to the presence of excess of pigments. This condition creates large patches of skin to appear black.

The most popular pop dancer Michael Jackson suffered from hypo-pigmentation condition known as vitiligo. The Pop king managed to treat this uneven skin tone condition using hydroquinone content cream. This treatment made his entire body to become white.

However hydroquinone based treatment is strictly banned in several nations due to the large side effects of this hydroquinone. Hence consult your doctor before using hydroquinone on your skin to treat hypo-pigmentation.

Hydroquinone is proved to cause bruises and rashes on the skin making it thick. This condition is commonly referred as ochronosis. When hydroquinone enters the blood, it can become toxic leading to hallucinations and nausea.

The hydroquinone based treatment is not advisable as it offers temporary relief from uneven skin tone. The cream has to be applied again and again in a repeated manner to keep the skin tone fair.

The hydroquinone based cream loses its effect once the new skin cells start developing. Also hydroquinone has serious side effects on the skin. Hence this sort of treatment is not recommended by most.

Similar to hydroquinone based creams, mercury content and pills to bleach the skin are available online that can be very dangerous to your skin.

Natural treatment for Uneven Skin Tone

Natural chemicals offer wonderful results in treating uneven skin tone and is one of the effective ways of whitening the skin in an effective manner.

A hydroquinone based natural chemical is Arbutin. Arbutin is less powerful than hydroquinone. Arbutin is very safe and the effective method of natural treatment of uneven skin tone.

Hence Arbutin is sold on the internet and over the counter. You can buy Arbutin without any prescription as it is completely safe.

Another natural bleaching source that has no side effects is glycolic acid. Glycolic acid is completely safe.

Vitamin C is the natural cure for uneven skin tone. Hence you can try ginger and lemon juice on your skin. These are rich sources of vitamin C and have good effect. Often lemon juice is the most common treatment offered in many households.

This article gives a hope for people suffering with uneven skin tone. The natural methods of treatment are elaborated. The dangers and perils of using harmful products on your skin is also discussed.

Hence take extreme care in choosing the skin treatment as it may cause damage to the skin and make things from bad to worse.

If you want credible information on whitening the skin, read articles from wikipedia. It is better to seek the advice of the doctor for selecting the appropriate treatment. Expert advice is always preferred before choosing the skin treatment.

To get more information on skin whitening, check out the main website Tonique Skin Care, the link is in the sidebar. Have a look at their various products and treatments for uneven skin tone.