What You Need To Know About Skin Bleaching

what you need to knowSkin bleaching is not at all a new thing, it has been around since the Egyptians, and even ancient African tribes like to paint their faces white, or even dye their skin white permanently.

There is not really any substance that can permanently cause your skin to turn completely white, the only white mark that sticks permanently is a scar, and you don’t want that.

Another thing you don’t want is anything that will cause harmful side effects, and there are some dangerous chemicals out there for sale in products from countries without proper regulations.

For example, mercury has been found in some skin whitening creams, but if you aren’t buying a product cheap from Asia or Africa, then you can usually be sure it doesn’t contain that.

How To Research A Skin Care Company

The Best Way To Bleach SkinYou need to check out a site and their product carefully, by looking on Google for the age of the domain and the owner, like a who is registrar lookup.

By determining that a company has been around for years, you should then google the brand name plus any keywords that might uncover negative reviews, such as scam, side effects, problems, and things like that.

They may have more than one main site, as Google changed their search algorithms a few years ago, and many sites suffered in their rankings, and had to start from scratch, like the new site for Tonique Skin Care is skinrenews.com and no longer toniqueskincare.com, although that site is still there and functioning.

If you can work out that the company has been around for a while, and there aren’t tons of negative reviews, then you want to check the active ingredients they use, and see what the people of the world have to say about that.

Try looking it up on Wikipedia, they have a very informative page called Skin Whitening that is updated by the community, which has all the basic medical information about the chemicals used to bleach skin, and the side effects and effectiveness of each substance.

What you will work out is that the best ones are arbutin and glycolic acid. They are FDA approved, over the counter chemicals which have been used for years with very few side effects, and which get the results people are looking for, which is after a certain amount of use, bone white, blemish-free and spot-free skin.

For some people, going from having dark or brown skin to having white skin may be a rather large transformation, but if the effects are not what you are looking for, you can simply let it wear off, as the skin does replace itself every few months, and so the effects gradually wear off.

Safe skin whitening is of paramount importance, and it’s also very important to get the right advice on applying the cream. It’s a fairly serious cosmetic procedure, and so should not be taken lightly at all, to make a pun.

It is best to get a second opinion from a doctor if you have any concerns, but also be aware that a doctor may prescribe you a cream containing hydroquinone, which is another potentially dangerous substance that should not be used long term by anyone.


Best skin bleaching creamThese Hollywood stars are bleaching their skin because it apparently makes them more popular to the mostly white audience.

Some would say that there is racism at the root of this, whether conscious, or unconscious, spoken, or unspoken, but that’s just the way it is in the world.

People tend to have a natural reaction to be slightly uncomfortable around people who look different from them, whether this is justified or not.

You cannot change the natural reactions of people, which come from an evolutionary level, an instinctual response, and if it is the case that you may have a better chance in the show business industry or in life generally to have lighter skin, then that’s just the way it is.

It’s hard to say what goes through someone’s mind in a record store, or in a job interview when looking at a darker skinned person, but if there is an uncontrollable response that many people have, then they have it, and that doesn’t make everyone a racist, it just makes them human.

Therefore, if you want to whiten your skin, you can do it, by using a product like the ones in the Tonique Skin Care range, which as I mentioned earlier, has a new main site, skinrenews.com.

This is a large, US based company that has been in business for over a decade, using FDA approved chemicals, and it really works to whiten your skin, safely, and effectively, like these famous Hollywood stars.

Again, it’s not racism to say that there is a natural response for people to have a natural aversion or level of discomfort when looking at a person who looks different from them, and in the west, the vast majority of people are white.

In other countries in the world, there are also certain cultural prejudices against people with darker skin, or people are seen as being more beautiful, or having higher status if they have lighter skin.

This is true even in Africa, where skin whitening is a huge business, it’s true in the middle east, in Asia, pretty much all over the world.

The vast majority of the world’s people have a medium toned skin, and are neither completely black, or completely white, and that’s the tone that people aim to look like.

It’s a strange thing, really white people want to look more tanned, and really black people want to look whiter, it’s just the way things are.

If you want to find out more about it, click on the links in this post, or there is a link to the main site in the sidebar. You might want to contact the support team first at sales@skinrenews.com to talk about what product you should buy, and how to apply it, in order to get the results you’re looking for.